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Princess Party Activity: Rapunzel’s Cupcake Paint Palette

Princess Party Activity - Rapunzel's Cupcake Paint PaletteThrowing a Rapunzel princess party? Here is a fun Rapunzel-inspired activity that is perfect for all age groups. Using cupcakes as their canvas and sprinkles as their paint, you can invite your princess party guests to decorate their desserts in true Rapunzel style! Totally make your party the best day ever!

What You’ll Need:
  1. Paint palettes (you can find at your local art & crafts store)
  2. Frosted cupcakes (do this before guests arrive)
  3. Sprinkles in various colors (can find at your local grocery or baking shop)

How to:

  1. Fill paint palettes with various sprinkles
  2. Place frosted cupcake in center of palettes
  3. Have your guests decorate their cupcakes with sprinkles
  4. Eat & enjoy!

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